TIGERHONEY Apple Cider Vinegar Elixir
Brand Identity and Packaging Design


Eye of the Tiger

   When the good folks at TIGERHONEY approached me for this health elixir tonic design they already had a graphic style in mind: a low-poly illustrated tiger.

Low-poly is a technique used in 3-D computer graphics.

  Low-poly illustration style contours with polygons (or triangles) to the planes of the object. The result is an almost photo realistic graphic and the more shapes you add, the more realistic it looks. A clean low-poly illustration has shared points and lines so there are no gaps in between objects. It’s a very precise and time-consuming method, but well worth it. I designed this one in Adobe Illustrator. 

  This health tonic boasts a number of benefits: organic, natural, made in small batches, beneficial herbs and of course- honey. 

  Elements chosen were modern, technical and clean. Colors are playful and plentiful to represent the energy, and well-being the combination of beneficial ingredients will give the consumer. 

  A benefit hive on the side of the bottle is a playful display of benefits from the honey ingredient inside. 

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